Interview met Sylvie Meis

Sylvie Meis praat over haar rol in het tiende seizoen van Let’s Dance in Duitsland, de fashion trends voor de lente, haar plannen voor de toekomst, haar verdeling tussen haar baan en haar privé leven en haar band met haar ex man Rafael van der Vaart.

Lees hieronder het hele interview in het Engels


Starting this Friday, Sylvie Meis once again hosts Germany’s “Let’s Dance”.

An interview with the multi-talent about the new season of the dance show, fashion trends for spring, her plans for the future, the balancing act between job and private life and her wishes for her ex-husband Rafael.

Tomorrow the successful show “Let’s Dance” commences its tenth series. 14 new candidates, among them Ann-Kathrin Brömmel, Gil Ofarim, Maxi Arland and Vanessa Mai, venture to the dance floor in this anniversary season. Sylvie Meis is a big figure in the show. The presenter and entrepreneur, who herself was a competitor in the 2010 season, will be presenting for the seventh time with Daniel Hartwich. We met her in London during the launch of Ellie Goulding’s new shoe collection for vanHaren. A conversation about “Let’s Dance”, Sylvie’s plans for the future, her balance between job and private life and fashion.

Sylvie, as another round of “Let’s Dance” begins, what awaits us?
SM: “The most beautiful show in Germany! The audience can look forward to the whole package: the new candidates, the atmosphere, great music and spectacular performances – thrilling entertainment across the board.

What are you looking forward to the most? What brings you the most fun?
SM: “As I said, Let’s Dance is a total package, I look forward to everything! The new candidates and their dancers, Daniel, the jury, the entire production team. We have grown together over the years and I know we all look forward to the fun and cohesion created by the whole team.”

Do you have a favourite already? Who do you think will do the job well?
SM: “I’m really looking forward to all the candidates. We have a great mix and we can all be very excited about how they will compete. This year, Bastiaan Ragas is also with us. So I have a little Holland with us in Cologne and my accent won’t be as obvious (laughs). It’s impossible really to figure out who are the favourites in the first shows. This will really only happen once the season gets properly started. It is often the case that favourites also change during the course of a season. Those with the best chances for victory can never really be predicted.

You are here tonight as a guest at the premiere of the “Ellie Goulding for vanHaren Star Collection”. Can you please explain to us the phenomenon of women and shoes …
SM: “How can I explain this? Is that even possible? Shoes are always important and can make a simple outfit into a mega eye-catcher. And buying shoes always makes you happy! It’s even better than a piece of chocolate. ”

What fashion trends will you take with you from London?
“London is incredibly inspiring. For starters, Ellie’s vanHaren shoe collection and the fantastic private concert she has given to her guests to present the collection, is an absolute fashion trend. But also on the streets of the city you can get great ideas. London is always at the forefront for the latest fashion trends. I’ve sourced a lot of my “Let’s Dance” outfits on this trip, tune in to check them out.

What shoes must women have in their closet for spring / summer 2017?
SM: “A classic black pump, a comfortable ballerina and for the evening a strappy high-heel! That way, you are well prepared for any situation. But the absolute must-have in the new season are evening-heels in satin, best of all in a bright red. ”

What are your personal trends for the coming spring season?
SM: “Flower prints in a colourful mix and blush tones, such as tender apricot. The 80’s are back and with them shoulder pads, oversize blazers and short leather skirts. Off-shoulder tops, sweaters and dresses are also still popular. Classic basics such as jeans and a t-shirt are always a great look. “Good taste never goes out of style.”

You are on the road a lot and always have such a full program. How do you keep fit and healthy?
“With much discipline. To stay fit is a part of my work, so I fit in my training over the course of the day. Because of my background, I am keenly aware of my health. I eat healthy. Of course I do not smoke and very rarely do I drink alcohol. On top of that, I try abstain from sugar as much as possible. That, in combination with sport, I feel really healthy. ”

How do you relax in this strenuous time?
SM: “In the evening I love to take a long bath with good music, candles and lots of foam! I am also a huge series fan and can switch off easily. I just binge-watched a whole series of “Scandal”, and have now just started with “Designated Survivor”.

Spring is approaching. What are you particularly looking forward to in the upcoming season?
SM: “Actually, the simpler things: with the first sunrays, I usually sit in a café on the Alster, drink a tea or maybe a glass of champagne and relax. These are such precious moments – and I enjoy these by far the most.”

What new projects can we look forward to in 2017?
SM: “2017 will be a very full and exciting year, not just for “Let’s Dance”, but also my own lingerie collection will be on the market this year, as well as a number of other collaborations. This year will be anything but boring and you can look forward to some great highlights. ”

You are truly multitalented, how are you musically though? Could you compete with Ellie Goulding?
SM: “Oh, I do sing for my life: in the shower, just before a show, at shootings, in the office … actually, I annoy almost everyone with it (laughs). But such as this talent is, I am don’t have the requisite volume for a serious musical career. But as they say – never say never. Who knows, technology can achieve a lot today. ”

How do you cope with balancing your private life and work with your very busy appointment calendar?
SM: “The same question could be asked of any professional mother. I am particularly in awe of single, professional mothers. It is, I believe, a balancing act for any woman trying to manage a job and a family. I count myself very lucky, as I have wonderful support and can set a lot of my appointments according to my personal calendar. We always plan on a long-term basis so that my team can adapt to it and can make the best of the time we have. This is a clear advantage I have in my job. Despite all this, my everyday life needs a clear structure and good planning. I have immense respect for all those women who manage job and family every day. Hats off!”

Rafael van der Vaart will soon be a father again. How does that feel for you? What do you wish him and his life companion?
SM: “All the happiness of the world. I’m very happy for them both.”